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Brand Introduce
Tianjin Friendship Transportation Co., Ltd. formerly known as Shandong Ruida Expressway Materials Co., Ltd., affiliated to China's top 500 enterprises in Tianjin Youfa Steel Pipe Group, founded in June 2010. Company is located in the northwest of Tianjin in the southwest of Jinghai District, location, logistics and transportation industry is highly developed. South Canal, Ziya River, Daqing River, the flow of the river, Ma plant through the river. In Tianjin highway, rail, sea, air transport three-dimensional transport network. Beijing-Shanghai Railway, Beijing-Fuzhou Expressway, Dandong to Lhasa, Danla Expressway and Beijing to Shanghai high-speed railway runs through the whole territory. The factory is 55 kilometers away from Tianjin International Airport and 85 kilometers away from Tianjin Xingang.

Companies registered capital of 100 million yuan, now has more than 450 employees, including senior technical management staff of more than 50 people, with three hot-dip galvanizing production line, a aluminum production line, spray line 2, 1 leaching line, photovoltaic production line 2 Bar, rolling plate production line 3, cut line 2, 1 vertical line, with galvanized production of 300,000 tons, spray production of 50,000 tons, aluminum production capacity of 20,000 tons, dipping capacity of 20,000 tons, Photovoltaic production capacity of 50,000 tons of production capacity.

The company produced by the galvanized, spray, impregnated and other road protection and supporting materials, through the Ministry of Communications Quality Inspection and Testing Center of the inspection, testing, issued by the Ministry of traffic traffic engineering products, mass production certification, testing reports, factories Check the certificate and other related licenses. Produced by the galvanized, spray, impregnated products strictly enforce the GB / T31349-2015 GB / T18226-2015 and other industry standards, and is the national standard of the participating units. PV products production line has the domestic first-class molding and stamping welding equipment, many technical staff, the company has a sound quality management system and advanced detection system, with all kinds of advanced testing, testing equipment and equipment, the company has completed the quality system, Environmental system, security system, occupational health system certification work. Advanced production technology, strong technical force.

Companies in a win-win mutual benefit-based, concentric and Germany for the first management philosophy, with many partners, to take this platform, is willing to work with more people of insight to develop a better future.

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