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  • Brand name :Hengaishengpingzhang
  • Company name:Jiao An Hui
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  • Location:China
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  • Updated date :2017-05-26
Brand Introduce
Anping Heng love metal mesh Products Co., Ltd. is a highway, railway sound barrier, fence professional production-oriented enterprises. Company equipment, advanced technology, strict implementation of the ISO9001 quality management system for production, with mass production capacity. The company has a lean decision-making leadership and professional knowledge-rich, leading level of business, positive enthusiasm, hard-working team. We always adhere to the quality, price and service to win the market approach, and constantly develop innovative products, expand new applications, continue to open up Europe and the United States and emerging markets in emerging markets.

With the continuous progress of society, noise pollution has become a prominent problem in the community, the company Bingzhe the goal of protecting the sound environment, since 1992, committed to the sound barrier product development and development, the current sound barrier products, including highway noise barrier, railway sound barrier , Urban landscape sound barrier, residential area noise reduction barrier, equipment noise attenuation noise barriers.

I am in the company of "quality of survival, efficiency and development" of the survival principle, the accumulation of years of production experience, products must strive for excellence, reliable quality, won the majority of new and old customers praise. Enterprises to quality and service as the center, depending on the product quality of life, and gradually expand the application of the product areas, the constant pursuit of improvement and innovation, try to meet the different needs of customers. Heng love metal mesh Products Co., Ltd. is willing to new and old customers at home and abroad in the sincere cooperation, the principle of mutual benefit to establish a wide range of cooperative relations. Looking back in the past, constant love more firm belief; look forward to tomorrow, we will Yang whip horses continue to brilliant!

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