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Brand Introduce

Guanxian huiquan transportation facilities co., LTD. Was established in June 2006, and was put into production in July of the same year. The company mainly produces highway railings, columns and supporting products. After that, the rail industry became the pillar industry in guanxian county. In 2012, the total amount of guardrails in guanxian county accounted for about 60 percent of the total amount of rail production in the country, and the proportion was increasing year by year.


The people of huiquan will be the first to be a human being, and they will actively respond to the call of the state with the guidance of the national policy of expanding transportation and expanding domestic demand in the whole country. Huiquan transportation facilities and other related enterprises have become local pillar enterprises.


As a leading enterprise in the local and national guardrails industry, huiquan is expanding its own and also focuses on the development of the local industry. Under the proposal of huiquan in 2011, the local government department established the chamber of commerce in guanxian transportation facilities. To guide the orderly and healthy development of all people; The competition order of guardrail industry is greatly regulated, and the foundation for the brilliance of the industry is laid.


From the initial heating of coal, to the production of electric furnaces in the late stage, and to the new energy conservation and environmental protection of natural gas, huiquan has been working on environmental protection. In 2012, and the research and development of tianjin environmental protection enterprise, create the first suit guardrail industry zinc recovery unit, acid mist spraying equipment, smoke in themselves and their development in the industry at the same time, for future generations left clear water, blue sky.


Good equipment, excellent work attitude, the pursuit of the product quality is never satisfied; For huiquan people to produce excellent qualified products, not only make huiquan brand enjoys a good reputation all over the country, also let huiquan group abroad, products exported to the world in 21 countries and regions, by the customer the consistent approval.


New opportunities, new challenges, in the face of honour and glory, huiquan group will be more efforts to implement the "good faith cooperation, innovation, win-win" the long-term goal.

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