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Brand Introduce

Jingjiang road color composite materials co., LTD., located in jiangsu Yangtze river downstream of the commercial circle, is a dedicated to color antiskid pavement materials research and development, production and sales of enterprises. Road color has a strong research and development and management team, using the German formula, imports of raw materials, combined with domestic actual construction environment, developed to adapt to the domestic market more colored antiskid pavement adhesives and stones waterproof adhesive; The road color has many years of experts in the road research and construction, can provide more comprehensive, more scientific, more environmentally friendly, more authoritative color anti-slippery road overall solution. At present, the products are widely used in urban chronic system, park color road, ETC., bus lane... Successful cases spread throughout China.


Road color green road, innovate constantly. Road color green road is not only a spokesperson for environmental protection, safety, warning and health, but also a high quality creator.


Working with us, you get more than just high quality products and services, but more importantly, you have a technical career partner. We invite you to create colorful China together, and we will be able to make a wonderful journey together.

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