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  • Brand name :Fujianlianhe
  • Company name:Jiao An Hui
  • Brand page:none
  • Location:China
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  • Updated date :2017-05-10
Brand Introduce

China fujian traffic facilities co., LTD is mainly engaged in tsa facilities of production, sales and after-sale service, the company mainly produces different material of protuberant road signs, contour standard, anti-glare board, water horse, warning column, bull barrels, etc. Series of traffic safety facilities.


Company spirit of "do the best products in the country" for the purpose, relying on the abundant capital, advanced technology and constantly pioneering spirit, to provide users with the best quality products. Company employees more than 300 people, now the headquarters be born gold industrial zone, fujian innocence factory covers an area of about 200000 square meters, the company has ISO9001, 2000 certification, the product has passed the certification of the new national standard detection, CE certification.


We are willing to join hands with all walks of life to develop in order to create a more brilliant future!
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