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Road sign rod professional manufacturer

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Company basic information
 We are a professional manufacturer of marker bars, but the sign bars on the road are not optional. They should be placed in accordance with the following principles so that we can do our best in the effective range. We not only produce logo poles, but also install quality products for you.
A warning sign should be set up before the plane into the chicane, cross, steep slope, reverse curve, Shanxian Road near the end point, narrow bridge, narrow road, railway crossing, slippery road, tunnel, traffic accident prone locations and other dangerous places before.
Two, the ban signs should be set separately in the speed limit, limit, limit, limit the height axis width, honking, no parking, no left turn, right turn prohibition, no U-turn, no overtaking, banned a vehicle or all vehicles etc..
Three. The sign is set at the entrance of the intersection to indicate the direction of the vehicle, the type of lane, and the crosswalk, allowing the test brake and the permitted u-turn.
Four, the road sign should be set at the intersection of 30~50m from the plane, indicating the direction, the place of arrival and the distance. The interchange guide sign is set at the proper place of the interchange. The road nameplate is located between the intersections and the two intersections.
Responsible for road safety attitude, we produce all kinds of high-quality products, professional manufacturers of traffic signs in the night, not only to see, but also to play a guiding role, so as to make the road smooth.

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