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All kinds of plastic sprayed column, flange, column

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Company basic information
Specification: column diameter x, column thickness x, column length

Flange column specifications: 114/140mm, x, 4mm, x750mm

Double wave plate matching round column: 114mmx4.0mmx1200mm


Three wave plate suitable for round column: 140mmx4.5mmx1500mm

Fang Lizhu: 130mm, x, 130mm, x, 6mm[1]


Color: galvanized, silver white, sprayed green, white, blue, gold and so on.

According to the waveform can be divided into double wave guardrail and three wave guardrail.

According to surface treatment is divided into hot-dip galvanized, waveform guardrail and galvanized two kinds of plastic sprayed.

According to the location can be divided into the roadside guardrail and the median divider.

According to the anti-collision level, can be divided into A-level and S level. The S level is enhanced barrier, suitable for use in the roadside especially dangerous road, a highway for special. According to the common roadside guardrail collision level can be divided into B, A, SB, SA, SS five.


Specifications of double wave guardrail: 4320 * 310 * 85 * 4mm (thickness 2.5mm-4mm), 3mm theoretical weight 49.16 KGS.

Three wave guardrail specifications: 4320 long, 506 x 85 * 4mm, theoretical weight 102 KGS.[2]

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