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LED dot matrix active luminous sign

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Company basic information

1. Product introduction

The LED dot formation active luminous mark is fixed on the surface of the traditional traffic sign aluminum plate with a certain pixel distance according to the sign, the figure outline or the writing stroke, and realizes the various symbols, characters and graphics dot matrix luminous LED.

2, product mix

(1) mould triangle warning mark;

The mould triangle warning mark is shown as shown in the following picture. The sign shell is all plastic injection molding. The solar panel, accumulator and control part are integrated together, which is beautiful and convenient for installation and maintenance. Sign a separate installation, the edge locking structure, without any fixed screw, waterproof and dustproof, overall appearance and traditional metal products compared with a qualitative leap.

(2) ultra thin LED dot matrix logo

Ultra thin dot matrix logo with a unique structure package, the thickness of only 7.5mm, and achieve logo text, graphics, dot matrix light-emitting, suitable for 1 square meters of small signs, light pixels, soft, visual fusion.


(3) non mould mark;

Small warning, prohibition and indication signs are made of unique concave arc type aluminum edge holding structure, and large guiding signs are welded with aluminium plate.


3, product advantages

(1) technology: using optical technology, the day is not luminous, reflective film and common signs are the same; the night or fog and other inclement weather active luminescence, strong flexibility.

(2) the function of graphics and text information has important active light function, can satisfy the traffic signs at night, fog and other inclement weather is long distance and large visual angle, improve the travel efficiency and safety of traffic participants.

(3) Beauty: the sign adopts the luminous pixel, the visual fusion optical lens, the whole luminous surface, the pixel visual fusion, achieves the best optical pattern, and plays the role of lightening and beautifying the city.

(4) economy: by solar power supply, LED has high brightness, low energy consumption, low cost, energy saving and environmental protection.




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