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Glass spike

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Company basic information

Fujian combined transport facilities co., LTD is in line with "do the best products in the country" for the purpose, relying on the abundant capital, advanced technology and constantly pioneering spirit, to provide users with the best quality products.


Our company adopts imported mixed materials, imported products mold core, the production of glass spike all the technical indicators (12) conform to the latest national standard GB/T 24725-2009 the relevant provisions of the protuberant part. (on the market which conforms to the national standard of spike only two of the three basic technical standards)



Glass spike, also known as the cat's eye spike, but used to mark the centerline in highway or other road, lane line and edge line; Can also be used to mark the corners, import and export of ramp, guide line, narrow roads, road obstructions, such as dangerous sections, the vehicle driving assistance, guidance, the role of the alert, greatly improve vehicle safety, is indispensable to the road traffic facilities products.

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