Glass fiber reinforced plastic anti-glare board 900 * 200

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Glass fiber reinforced plastic anti-glare board 900 * 200

Anti-glare board is to use glass fiber roving, continuous glass fiber mat as reinforced materials, unsaturated polyester resin as matrix, using a dedicated FRP pultrusion molding unit and a kind of composite material.

The product has the following advantages:

A. Reasonable structure: the surface for the collect or inferior smooth, not reflective, because used to optimize the design of the cross section, is the product more beautiful, more economical, more can reduce the wind resistance and reduce the snow, and greatly reduce the psychological impact of the driver.

2. Light weight: the specific gravity of 1.8, only a quarter of the steel, transportation and installation is very convenient.

3. High strength: compared with the plastic products, its strength is ten times the plastic products, so can resist all kinds of bad weather. By using glass fiber reinforced, impact damage, not brittle fracture.

4. Corrosion resistance: this material does not rust Not bad not rot, no maintenance in use.

Five. Ageing resistance: after more than 30 years of aging resistance research, adding the stabilizer of fiberglass products under natural conditions is not easy to aging, not easy to fade.

6. Good dimensional stability: the products under high temperature and high pressure forming, good dimensional stability and thermal stability, under natural conditions will not deformation.

Seven. Color can be design: glass fiber reinforced plastic anti-glare board color general for white, grey green, also can design according to the requirement, and highway surrounding landscape harmonious, to ride with simple smooth feeling.

Eight. Good economy: the product price is moderate, with long service life, maintenance free, and good economy.

Anti-glare board material has more excellent performance, the replace product of iron and plastic anti-glare board has been widely used in foreign countries.

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