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Hot dip galvanized fence panels

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Company basic information
The galvanized guardrail is a continuous structure that is stitched with a corrugated steel guardrail and supported by the main column. Fence plate steel soft phase, with a strong ability to absorb the impact of energy, with a good line of sighting function, with the road line in harmony, beautiful appearance, can be used in a small radius of the corners, easy to replace the damage.
        Galvanized guardrail protection principle: the use of soil base, column, beam deformation to absorb the collision energy, and forced out of control vehicles to change direction, return to normal driving direction, to prevent the vehicle out of the road to protect vehicles and passengers, The loss caused by the accident. When the vehicle collides with it, it is not easy to be crashed because of the good impact resistance and energy absorption of the steel guardrail board, and it can also protect the vehicle and the staff. When the road maintenance or other reasons need and pass, you can easily open the various sections of the fence column pull out, open up the channel, easy to vehicular traffic. Galvanized fence plate with high quality steel plate by anti-corrosion treatment, manufacturing processes: high-quality steel, galvanized, spray treatment.
        Galvanized fence features: good impact resistance, low cost, long life, higher security, green, anti-corrosion performance, anti-aging, nice, easy to install and so on. Galvanized fence is mainly used for highway crash, isolation and other functions.

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