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Easy open type anti-collision guardrail

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Company basic information
Plug-in fence, also known as "plug-in activities fence" is a "living fence" of a, set in the central partition opening. In order to facilitate the special vehicles (such as traffic accident handling vehicles, emergency vehicles) in emergency situations and the side of the road construction closed when the temporary opening of the activities of the activities. The activities of the fence under normal circumstances require a certain degree of isolation and protection performance, in the temporary opening should be able to quickly and flexibly move.
The plug-in movable guardrail structure divides the original fence column into upper and lower parts. The lower end of the steel pipe of the upper column is covered with the upper end of the steel pipe of the lower column, and the bolt is crossed together, and the upper and lower column steel pipes are connected together. The plug-in guardrail is used to control the deformation of the lower column by the use of a casing or other process to prevent deformation of the lower guard column and to control the deformation position of the guard column by partial weakening or total weakening of the upper column. , But the cross-section bending modulus is also reduced, so as to ensure that the collision level is not lower than the original standard design.
Uses: mainly used for park / zoo fence, campus / field area, road traffic isolation, temporary isolation zone. Plug-in activities for the protection of the form of anti-corrosion can be used in place plating, hot-dip, spray, dipping the way.
The plug-in activities of the fence easy to construction, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, sun, weather and so on. In the vehicle after the collision can be easily replaced, and not only applies to the soil shoulder, retaining walls and bridges and other locations, but also for all forms of steel fence. Plug the guardrail with beautiful and durable, no deformation, fast installation, is a more ideal metal fence products.

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