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 Road signs ban on several signs, warning signs, tourism signs, speed limit signs, signs, reflective signs and safety signs. 【 general configuration 】 the antenna (1), pillar 219 x7500x8. 0 mm beam: 2-89 x4500x6. 0 mm base flange: 500 x500x16mm (2), 273 x7500x8. 0 mm beam: 2-133 x4500x6. 0 mm base flange: 600 x600x20mm (3), 325 x7500x8. 0 mm beam: 2-159 x4500x6. 0 mm base flange: 700 x700x24mm 】 【 sign board commonly used specifications (1), 3000 x1500mm (2), 3000 x2000mm (3), 4000 4000 x2200mm x2000mm (4), (5), 4000 x2400mm USES aluminium plate: 3.0 mm, 2.5 mm and 2.0 mm, 1.8 mm and 1.5 mm, etc.; Adopt reflective film: 3 m diamond level (level 1), 3 m super level (level 2), domestic super grade/high level (level 3), 3 m project level (level 4); 【 general configuration foundation cage 】 (1), 219:500 x 500 x 1000 mm wide (2), 273:600 x 600 x 1500 mm wide (3), 325:700 x 700 x 1500 mm wide long steel pipe: mark rod material specification 】 【 Q235 aluminium plate: pure aluminium plate: 1060: hot rolled plate Q235 steel round steel bar pillar features 】 【 traffic signs rod welding carefully, to achieve the design finish, verticality, no distortion, no pores, remove welding slag, oil, by hot dip galvanized anti-corrosion treatment in line with the national standard requirements, upon passing the inspection. 【 brand rod installation method 】 (1) all traffic signs of component quality shipped to the site shall comply with the relevant technical standards, and by the supervision engineer for approval before using; (2) after arrived at the scene, make full use of the mark, road bar manage pedestrians and traffic safety facilities and construction in strict accordance with the operating rules, to ensure the safety of pedestrians and operators, as far as possible to prevent accidents, ensure the construction safety; (3) strictly in accordance with the requirements of the construction drawings and according to the direction of traffic flow measurement mark set position; (4) basis after the location of the size of the according to the regulations of the design was conducted in the appointed place of foundation excavation, and processed by the regulation after the template, reinforcing bar, pouring concrete, anchor bolt and base flange position correctly and reaches level; (5) sign supporting structure construction should be in the foundation, which has met the requirement of the strength of concrete and after approved by the supervision engineer. Pillar of the flange and the concrete foundation of the base flange should be level, closed, the anchor bolt, screw down the bolt after pillar not tilt; 6 by sliding bolt connecting fittings, embrace hoop will mark plate fixed on the pillar; Column type logo sign board of distance from the edge of the shoulder should guarantee 20 cm, edge of single-column signs should guarantee 250 cm above the road surface, cantilever installation clearance shall ensure that 5.2 m away from the road; 7 sign board after the installation, should sign board of verticality, height, such as inspection, adjustment, to meet the requirements; Mark end cantilever installation of vertical layout should be in the road centerline, roadside sign pillar installation, logo layout should as far as possible or at an Angle perpendicular to the road line: directions and warning signs of 0 ~ 10 degrees, ban and indication of 0 ~ 45 degrees, the line of sight inducing sign of 80 ~ 90 degrees; Pet-name ruby sign board after the installation, all the sign board for cleaning, keep the space clean.

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