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Rotary steel barrier fence

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Company basic information
New invention on the highway can save people.
In fact, this invention is not a new invention
A few years ago the invention of Korea
But the idea is good
We also have a lot of manufacturers in China
Now also produce this product
It is called a revolving bucket

The traditional fence is a metallic texture
In the event of a car accident
May also become a fatal accomplice

In the installation of rotating anti-barrels of the lot
When the car hit the fence

Look at another angle
The car will not be out of control fence

Even the bus is no problem!

In fact, the principle is very simple
On the two words - to rotate!
When the vehicle crashed into the fence
These creams will roll

The impact of the power into a rotating kinetic energy
Can greatly absorb the impact of strength
And reduce the impact
Thus effectively reducing the consequences of traffic accidents

Rotary barrels are made of EVA and polyurethane composites
The material itself is elastic and resistant to wear
You can avoid the barrel was hit by the impact of crushing
There is a strong resilience
Even if subjected to severe impact
Can also be restored immediately

Rotary barrels are brightly colored
There is a high degree of light reflection effect
Can cause the driver's attention
Reduce the incidence of accidents

At present the product has been 22 invention patents
In Korea, Japan, the United States and other countries are widely used
Some parts of China have also begun to use
The use of lots of traffic accidents reduced by more than 90%

Believe in the near future
Rotary bucket fence will become our highway and the general road
A unique landscape
It will also change the history of the fence for 50 years
Bringing a new concept of traffic protection
Become the life of future generations

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