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Permanent hot melt preforming ground symbol/line

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Company basic information
 PERMARK ® is prefabricated, can use instant thermoplastic road marking, 3 mm thick, high wear resistance, good quality ensures the durable. Any season throughout the year - simple and quick construction. PERMARK ® let you don't need to spend too much resources to improve the traffic safety. Easy to use, fast, and the whole construction process of just a worker, a broom and a flame gun. Heated together with asphalt. This feature is to ensure the long life of the product. Paint PERMARK ® than road 6 to 8 times longer service life.


PERMARK ® is reflected in the quality of international organizations, such as ATG, Bast, BSI and NF. LKF company development strategy, including from doing business in countries to obtain the authorization and approval. In addition, LKF has passed the ISO9001 certification.


Scope of application:




N is suitable for use in a big traffic areas, such as the crossroads and urban roads.


N the material oil, KangXue and frost. Applicable to the frigid zone


N glass beads were distributed evenly on the product surface, and extends downward up to 3 mm. Reflection effect, therefore, have a good "expiration date" day and night to ensure your safety. Can also be used in the asphalt surface.


N is suitable for the extreme road surface, such as cement, brick, and pebbles.


Be born sign: can be used independently, or as a solid ground auxiliary sign of sign


N PERMARK ® series products cover all the official registration of traffic signs, patterns, lines, arrows, Numbers and letters. Also includes other smooth traffic identification (such as three road signs) PERMARK ® helps ease traffic flow, help road users safe use right known as traffic signs.


N elevated, deep, horizontal wind, typhoon in the area is not suitable for to set up the hanging sign


N city or other local frequent road sign standing or information interference, the driver visual focus on the road. Applicable signs fall to the ground


N need to beautify the roads lead


Technical parameters of PERMARK ® is an authorized certification of products, no pollution to the environment.


Thickness: 3 mm, abrasion resistance and other features see 3 mm type hot melt road marking material. Design available dao field cutting, for summer, also can use scissors.


The construction process


Construction surface pretreatment, removing sand, eluvial soil surface and all kinds of pollution. Use fire gun will surface to dry.


The molding line glass bead up laid, meanwhile no too big gap. If you need to use multilayer icon, between each layer must be heated. Abnormal heat to cause a decline in product adhesion.

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