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Mark lever

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Company basic information
 Mark lever is a lot of more phyletic, the main stand on both sides of road, professional traffic sign pole to have professional surface treatment.

Classification of flag pole

Traffic sign pole type usually have a single-column traffic sign pole, polystyle traffic sign pole.

Pillar marks within edge should not invade the road clearance, general from the outer edge of the roadway or the pavement edge or dirt road shoulder is not less than 25 cm

Traffic sign plate edge from the height of the pavement is usually 150 cm to 250 cm. Set up in big proportion of the small city road, the height of the lower edge of the ground can be effective according to actual condition, but should not be less than 120 cm.

Set up in a roadside with pedestrians and non-motor vehicles, set the height should be greater than 180 cm.

Single-column traffic signs

Single-column traffic sign pole is sign board installed on a pillar, suitable for medium and small size of the police

Sue indication, ban, and small direction sign.

Polystyle traffic signs

Polystyle traffic sign pole is sign board installed on two or more than two root, is suitable for rectangle instructions or direction sign.

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