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Expressway Sound barrier

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Company basic information
 Product parameters:
Gold label
Application areas: highways, railways, viaducts, residential areas, factories, cooling towers and other areas of noise reduction
Volume: 10-40dB
Insulation material: galvanized plate, aluminum plate, color steel plate, laminated glass, PC panel, acrylic etc.
Sound insulation material thickness: 80mm, 100mm
Dimensions: 500*2000mm, 500*2500mm
Plate thickness: 0.8-2.0mm
Color: GB color card, color optional
Steel column: 125*125*6.5*9, 150*150*7*10, 175*175*7.5*11
Sound barrier style: vertical type, the top with the arc, the combination of transparent, with the top of the sound absorbing cap type, etc.
Service life: 15 years
Features: beautiful, stable, weather resistance
Specific size, can be customized according to the highway noise barrier drawings and customer requirements.

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