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Trapezoidal contour standard

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Company basic information

1.the products made by Japanese technology prism reflectors, is set up along the road on both sides of the edge, used to indicate the direction roads, has back reflection properties of traffic safety facilities.


2.The outline is attached to the guardrail, which consists of the anti-ejection material, the scaffold and the fittings, and its anti-ejection material is in the shape of a trapezoid.

1.It is used mainly for guardrails, side walls, tunnels and high speed Bridges, winding roads, etc.


2.Firmly fixed in the corrugated guardrail, the night reflects the light even, not dazzled, ACTS as an inducement, warning the driver the function of the correct driving direction.


3.Especially in the bend road, mountainous road and multi-curved area, it can greatly reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents and ensure the safety of traffic.

       1.When mounting, the reverse ejection surface is perpendicular to the middle line of the road.

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