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Cooling tower sound barrier

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Company basic information
 The cooling tower noise barrier adopts a mixed sound barrier, and the top is a sound absorption unit. The noise reduction of 10-25dB (A) can be obtained by determining the length and height of the sound barrier.
The noise reduction effect of the cooling tower noise barrier is good, and the sound insulation is 10-25dB (A). High safety structure, strong resistance to natural forces and man-made damage. It has the advantages of investment saving, fast construction speed and obvious landscape effect.
The cooling tower is assembled by the sound barrier, the module and the module can be assembled at any time, and the utility model has the advantages of durability, convenient installation and maintenance.
Cooling tower noise barrier is more and more recognized by some residential quarters, office buildings, it can greatly reduce some of the noise in our lives. Welcome to buy standard cooling tower noise barrier. Good quality, sound insulation effect is good, the price is reasonable.

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