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"The Belt and Road" Yantai forum held a press conference in Beijing

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Core prompt :EconomicDaily - China Economic Net Beijing on September 27th news (reporter CuiGuoqiang) the morning of September 27th,

Economic Daily - China Economic Net Beijing on September 27th news (reporter Cui Guoqiang) the morning of September 27th, "The Belt and Road" Yantai Forum - the first press conference in Pakistan China Cooperation Forum held in Beijing. Chinese Qilu Culture Association executive vice president, executive vice chairman of the Housing Group Chairman, the famous economist, Chinese Belt and Road Initiative Yantai Forum Organizing Committee Meng Xiaosu, China in Thailand before the embassy commercial counselor in Pakistan Museum of wood, China Ambassador Yin Law Iqbal respectively speech, "The Belt and Road" Yantai Forum Organizing Committee and the main the undertaker leaders and media reporters nearly 100 people attended the press conference.

Press conference live
  Meng Xiaosu said, Chinese and Pakistan both have great room for development cooperation in agriculture, energy, information technology, health care and education, Chinese and Pakistan frequent high-level visits, cooperation between the two countries has a long history, and Pakistan cooperation can promote the great development of the West in China, also can give the business opportunities in Pakistan, so the economy and the economic and trade cooperation has great potential.

According to China in Pakistan Lahore the former consul general Yu Boren, "The Belt and Road" Yantai Forum - the first Chinese Pakistan Cooperation Forum will be held in Yantai from November 3rd to November 6th. The forum is organized by the Chinese Pakistan Friendship Association, Pakistan's Chinese embassy, Chinese Embassy in Pakistan, Chinese Qilu Culture Promotion Association, Shandong Province Federation of industry and Commerce jointly organized China Qilu Culture Association Yantai liaison office, Yantai daily media group, Pakistan Shandong chamber of Commerce, Yantai chamber of Commerce and finance The Belt and Road Yantai forum the Organizing Committee jointly hosted. The forum will invite Chinese people's Institute of foreign affairs, Chinese Public Diplomacy Association and Chinese Pakistan friendship association responsible person, Chinese Embassy in Pakistan and Pakistan in the China embassy responsible person, the Shandong provincial government and Yantai municipal government leaders, Shandong and Pakistan excellent enterprise, economic management experts and scholars will attend the et al. The forum will further promote "The Belt and Road" initiative, to promote economic cooperation between China and Pakistan Pakistan; realize the direct communication between enterprises docking, to discuss investment cooperation projects; and Discussion on Problems and ways of economic cooperation between China and Pakistan in the development of the solution, "The Belt and Road" initiative to implement, and benefit the people of the two countries. The forum arranges the main forum and the sub forum content. The main forum keynote speech by the guests invited to the Forum; arrangement of Shandong province municipal government and the joint enterprises and the signing ceremony, the two sides including investment environment, project promotion, Pakistan Pakistan enterprises signed a cooperation agreement etc..

At present, the preparatory work of the forum is proceeding in an orderly way. The Belt and Road Yantai Forum Organizing Committee Vice Chairman and Secretary General Xie Yuxi said that the first China Pakistan Cooperation Forum has received strong support from all sectors of society, at the same time feel pressure, heavy responsibility, and get the Pakistan forum into a high-end, pragmatic meeting provides a pragmatic and innovative forum feast for the participants, and strive to "The Belt and Road" Yantai forum annual meeting, normalization, want to have confidence in the future, will rise to the national level forum.

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