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The first Sino US cooperation to promote the "Belt and Road Initiative" signed the project

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Core prompt :In September 26, 2017, by the Renmin University of China and the Columbia University, CO sponsored by Renmin University
    In September 26, 2017, by the Renmin University of China and the Columbia University, CO sponsored by Renmin University of China Chongyang Finance Research Institute and the Asia Society Policy Research Institute Co hosted the Sino US university presidents and think tank forum in New York Columbia University successfully held, the theme of the conference is "the next 50 years of Sino US relations, Vice Premier Liu Yandong of the State Council China attended and made a keynote speech. The president of Asia Society and chief executive Shi Jingshu, Blackstone Group Chairman Su Shimin, former U.S. Secretary of state Kissinger as the special guest at the opening ceremony, followed by keynote speeches, China and the United States about more than 40 university presidents, think tanks and the business community on behalf of a total of more than 200 people.

During the National People's Congress Chongyang executive Dean Professor Wang Wen and the Asia Society Policy Institute executive director Deborah Eisenmann on behalf of the respective institutions signed a "memorandum of understanding" to promote the Sino US cooperation The Belt and Road "research project". Renmin University of China party secretary Jin Nuo, Renmin University of China international office director Zhang Xiaojing, and President of the association of Asia and CEO Shi Jing, yaxie Policy Institute president Kevin Rudd, senior consultant of money mirror, witnessed the signing of the memorandum. It is reported that this is the famous American think-tank signed between the first "memorandum of understanding on cooperation to promote the The Belt and Road" project research. The signing of the memorandum, means "Chinese Belt and Road Initiative" initiative to promote, especially made a major breakthrough in Sino US cultural exchanges between countries, "a common understanding of the famous think-tank The Belt and Road" initiative and research will greatly strengthen the two countries face layer "The Belt and Road" construction of identity and participation.

As the first batch of "China of Belt and Road Initiative" domestic think-tank, NPC Chongyang has visited more than 50 countries to carry out research, "The Belt and Road" research project achieved a major breakthrough. Over the past few years, the NPC Chongyang has published more than 10 reports and books, a number of books and reports are highly valued in May 2017 "The Belt and Road international cooperation forum. Since 2015, the NPC Chongyang also organized a number of field and the United States, Nepal, Iran, Turkey and Kazakhstan and other countries of the "The Belt and Road" for bilateral dialogue.
   Asian Association of Policy Research Institute is the study of "leading think-tank The Belt and Road" in the United States, the organization between China and the United States many times "The Belt and Road" seminar. The Asia society currently has 11 sub centres and offices worldwide, with headquarters in New York. The Asia Society Policy Institute was founded in 2014 at the head of the Asian Association, and was appointed president of Australia's twenty-sixth prime minister, Kevin Rudd. It has long been committed to addressing major policy challenges related to security, prosperity and sustainable development in the Asia Pacific region, as well as to promote regional consensus and value recognition. Asian Association of Policy Research Institute also inherited the long tradition of the Asia Society since 1956, founded by John D Rockefeller III, dedicated to the exchanges between the United States and Asia, development and policy dialogue platform.

The future will be with the National People's Congress Chongyang yaxie Policy Research Institute will strengthen exchanges and cooperation in research projects and academic research field, promote the correct understanding of all walks of life in the Belt and Road Initiative "initiative, 100 day plan and other important issues, strengthen cooperation for the United States think tank research, policy and business on the ground" The Belt and Road "initiative, to provide intellectual support to pursue mutual benefit and win-win.

In addition, the two sides will cooperate to carry out "The Belt and Road" project research, specific issues including but not limited to infrastructure construction, production cooperation, trade and investment, modern service industry, such as cross-border electricity supplier industry research, promote the two countries in the "The Belt and Road" construction of cooperation, achieve mutual benefit. The two sides will through seminars, forums, seminars, conferences and other forms to promote the report, in 50 states and the federal district under the promotion of the "correct understanding of The Belt and Road" initiative; both sides will be in the "The Belt and Road" specific cooperative projects tracking research, and the formation of the report; the two sides will build a framework "The Belt and Road" cooperation, carry out long-term and short-term experts and researchers to exchange activities, and assignment research and academic exchanges between the two sides to staff.
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