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Investment and development opportunities of 920 global migration section ShangHai Railway Station -

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Core prompt :International Online reports: September 24th, Pacific overseas in Shanghai Waldorf Astoria Hotel held the opening of the
International online reports: September 24th, Pacific overseas in Shanghai Waldorf Astoria Hotel held the opening of the forum The Belt and Road 920 global migration Festival ".

Well-known financial commentator Mr. Wu Xiaoping, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Department of architecture Dean Dr. Du Chunyu branch of the sustainable development of Shanghai Jiaotong University Construction Design Institute, the American law firm partner Wang Xin lawyer Pan Jie, chairman of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Bureau Kuraso Roy he sent Mr. day, America Yibo regional center executive partner of Timonthy Y Shih, Haito group Chinese district official Shi Xiaofeng, Huang Zhenhua, Zhao Shirui, Zheng Shanghai founder Mr. Zhou Xiaoxu Holland Brand Management Co. Ltd., Mr. Zhu Wangping, President of Pacific Pacific Group and abroad abroad group vice president, Ms. Shino and other guests attended.

At the meeting, the guests on the "like a raging fire The Belt and Road" construction of the environment, how to seize new opportunities and new challenges and a large number of domestic and foreign produced firmly hold the discussion.

This year is the Pacific listing abroad 1st anniversary, in the first successful immigration held on the basis of good, held the second 920 global migration festival. Since the Pacific president Zhu Wangping in his speech to focus on listing a year, three service upgrade heavy, one is the international immigration lawyer city services, two Pacific overseas risk control services, three gold Butler service. The Pacific goes through the unceasing revision, the innovation, provides the superior service for the customer, truly manages the matter for the customer, creates the value for the customer.
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