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The world's first high-altitude permafrost area highway -Gongyu high-speed

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Core prompt :Afternearly 7 years of construction, China's first through the Qinghai TibetPlateau permafrost region highway, leading t

After nearly 7 years of construction, China's first through the Qinghai Tibet Plateau permafrost region highway, leading to the Yushu region "lifeline" Highway Corridor, the Republican to Yushu expressway will be opened to traffic in August 1st.

    Xining to Yushu travel time is shortened to 8 hours

    Republic of Yushu (to the ancient road junction) (hereinafter referred to as the "jade highway) for national highway network planning" (2013 to 2030), important sections of national highway G0613 Xining to Lijiang highway in Qinghai Province, but also to the Yushu area of the "lifeline" Highway Corridor, occupies the important position in the national highway network. In the future will become the important sections of Qinghai and Tibet, Sichuan, Yunnan and Tibet District golden tourist line.

       The first phase of the project was started in May 2011, with a construction mileage of 635.61 km, and the construction of the two phase of the project started in September 2013, with a construction mileage of 637.636 km. The estimated total investment of the project is 26 billion 960 million yuan. The 12 route through Qinghai Province, Hainan Township, Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Yushu 3 County 5. Line starting from the Qinghai Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Hainan Province County Republican Qia Bu Qia Town, the high-speed Beijing Tibet Gonghe to Chaka Road, along the river card, hot springs, Huashixia, Maduo, Bayanhar, Ciara, Ping Qingshui River, Jane Qin, Xie Wu, end point to Gyegu Town of Yushu county (New Village). The design speed is 80 km / h, and the local topography is difficult. The section is 60 km / h.


Jade Road one phase of the project to achieve the basic traffic in December 20, 2014 August 31, 2016, the main line was completed in December 2016 July 2017 to complete the main acceptance, operation conditions. After it was opened and operated, it took only 8 hours from Xining to Yushu.

There are 12 toll booths on the whole line, and the jurisdiction of road traffic police has been preliminarily determined

Jade freeway has provided 12 toll stations, respectively is Tara, Jiegu 2 mainline toll station; iron cover, river, river, green card, Xinghai spa, Huashixia, Maduo, Qingshui River, Jane Qin, Xie Wu 10 ramp toll station. In addition, it also sets up 1 tunnel monitoring stations and 1 monitoring sub centers, and implements centralized monitoring and closed toll operation management across the board. At present, the Qinghai provincial highway construction administration has done a good job in charge of the operation of the security.

A number of highway construction records were recorded at the Yu Yu highway

As the first expressway built in the permafrost region of Qinghai Tibet Plateau, the Yu Yu highway has set a number of records in the history of highway construction. It is called "three high" highway with high altitude, high cold and high speed. Through the routes across the board in permafrost region, through permafrost zone mileage up to 227 km, accounting for 36% of the total length of the route; bridge and tunnel (single) 39.2 km long, accounting for 11% of the total length of the route, ngola mountain tunnel and highway tunnel is Jiang Lu Ling permafrost tunnel construction design for the first time in china.

Jade highway along an average elevation of 4100 meters, the annual effective construction period of only 4 to 5 months, and most of the road is located in the "life zone" construction faces in the process of construction personnel is difficult to adapt to the climate and mechanical efficiency of difficulty. Across the Sanjiang source area, the ecological fragile, environmental protection and restoration difficult, high input protection. A total of about 635 km expressway construction once started, a large regional span.


As China's first cross in permafrost regions of Qinghai Tibet highway, jade highway ecological protection technology is its "green window", therefore, the masses along the highway as "praise jade out on the prairie" long road "". Jade highway to "no trace" to "construction, subgrade clearing SOD transplant technology", "high altitude alpine region planting technology", "high embankment slope ecological protection technology" as the main content of the high altitude cold area highway construction comprehensive ecological protection system, the turf precious resources of the Tibetan Plateau fully utilized the grass slope protection transplantation to replace design window type, diamond skeleton door, completed 1000 square meters, saving construction investment of 700 million yuan. Innovative implementation of "highway subgrade high slope turf ecological protection technology", won the first prize of scientific and technological achievements of workers in Qinghai province.




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